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Article picture: T30
Partno: WSAT304ZA004
Stock status: In stock
Variant name: AMP:4ZA-DTSwiss CirP T30 SH11 (WH12-F20R24-240s-Aerolite)
EUR 1 499,00



The T30's are hand-built in Europe, we use a 30mm high profile to keep the weight very low. The weight is of course a key element when constructing these wheels, but lateral stiffness is equally important for the best performance, why we use 25mm wide profiles. The wider profile makes it possible to optimize the spoke hole drilling and that is really important to increase the lateral stability.

We only use straight pull DT hubs simply because they are the best hubs around. The nipples are external to make maintenance easy and efficient.


  1. 30mm tubular rim are light, yet stable at high speeds
  2. High modulus carbon for increased lateral stiffness and durability
  3. 25mm wide rim


More info. Visit 4ZA.com


Partno: WSAT304ZA004
Stock status: In stock

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